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Raghav Chandak

18-year-old fights cancer, notches up 96% in ISC

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One juggled class notes and chemotherapy, another took his exams from a hospital bed. But as the ISC results revealed that Raghav Chandak had scored 95.8% and Diganta Chakrabarty notched up 91%, the chapter of pain seemed to have been closed, reports The Times of India.

Eighteen-year-old Raghav, from Heritage School, couldn’t attend classes for six months after being diagnosed with T-cell lymphoma, a form of blood cancer, last year. “He would have done better had he attended classes regularly,” said his businessman father, Manoj. But, “the illness steeled his nerves. He focused more and more on his studies. It was amazing to see him fight like a champion.”

Diganta, a DPS New Town student, battled a severe respiratory disorder. As he solved calculus problems, a tube drained out leaked air from his lung, UNB reports

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