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Ellie (left) and 19 other pupils were excluded from Barnsley Academy because their trousers were too tight SWNS

20 schoolgirls suspended in one day because their trousers are too tight

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TWENTY kids were excluded from a school in one day after teachers measured the width of their trousers – with a ruler, The Sun reports.  The girls were sent home from Barnsley Academy, in South Yorks, last week in a major crackdown on ‘tight-fitting’ trousers.  According to the school’s new policy – introduced after the Christmas holiday – trouser widths must now be at least 10cm (four inches).

 But furious mums slammed the new rule as ‘draconian’ after being forced to cough up for replacements. Angry Jane Ogden, 36, was livid when her daughter Ellie, 14, was sent home after being measured. A further 19 pupils were also given the boot on the same day.

Mum-of-seven Jane, from Barnsley, South Yorks, raged: “The teachers are measuring trousers with rulers.  “They are lining the children up when they go in to school in the morning and do it in groups of tens.”  Jane claimed Ellie’s trouser width was actually 13cm – but she still bought a new wider pair to avoid her daughter being excluded again.

She added: “The school said that it was an ongoing problem and that they needed to show the children how to be respectful.  “I pride myself in my children giving me respect, but I think we should respect them as well.  “The school tells the girls that they can’t wear make-up but the teachers are plastered in it.

“They tell the students that they can’t wear short skirts but the teachers wear skirts that come just under their bums.  “It’s just one rule for them and another for the kids.  “What’s more important, school trousers or an education?  “Ellie is in year 10, so it’s a vital GCSE year and now she has to catch up with work.”

Ellie’s new trouser legs are now 14.5cm wide – which the school has deemed acceptable.  Sister Mollie, 12, is also a pupil at the school. Jane said she spent £72 on trousers for her kids last summer and is furious at having to fork out again.  She claimed parents were given no warning of the new rule which came into force on the first day back after Christmas on January 5.

A notice about the uniform changes posted on the school’s website reads: “There is an increasing number of students wearing tight fitting trousers.  “Tight fitting trousers are unacceptable and are not allowed in the academy.”  The school says it is using its funds to pay for new trousers for some pupils – saying that it “did not want to cause financial difficulties for parents”.

Last night, a school spokesman said: “The academy has a strict uniform policy which parents and students are fully aware of and which is being properly enforced.  “All students are expected to adhere to the policy.

“The academy is rapidly making good progress across the board and part of this is a renewed focus on attendance, uniform, standards and behaviour, which is proving popular with the majority of parents and students and leading to stronger educational outcomes.”

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