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400 people and 100 elephants killed in India due to conflict

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NEW DELHI,- Around four hundred people and 100 elephants are killed in India every year due to conflict, which is increasing due to the rapidly shrinking habitats, agencies report. While most tiger habitats in India fall within protected areas, only 22 per cent of elephant habitats have some kind of protection.  This means the majority of the wild elephant population in India lives around human-dominated landscapes that have gradually turned hotbeds of conflict between human and elephant.

The Indian government has been struggling to protect and secure elephant corridors across the country with the help of International NGOs, Indian express reports from Gauhati. Report said, Five international NGOs working on wildlife conservation have joined hands to raise £20 million for securing 100 elephant corridors across India in the next one decade aimed at making movement of herds smoother and reducing the human-elephant conflict that has been leading to the loss of lives every year both humans and elephants.

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