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8 lynched in N’ganj

They tied up the two security guards before loading sacks of rice in the truck they brought. “Locals rushed out in some numbers when one of the security guards managed to escape and raised an alarm. The mob beat them up and eight were killed on the spot,” said the police official.

One of the security guards, ‘Zaman’ said that some people with trucks arrived at the local market, Purinda Bazar early in the morning. He said that the ‘robbers’ told them that the truck was loaded with goods meant for the shop, which was later robbed and asked them to lend a hand.

The robbers then tied him up and the other guard ‘Motaleb’ before breaking into the warehouse. It was Zaman, who escaped and raised the alarm, said Motaleb. “The locals came and untied me after he informed them.”

A half-loaded truck, with its windshield shattered, was found parked beside the warehouse, which was being robbed. A local resident said three ‘robbers’ fell in to a nearby pond when the mob chased them. They were pulled out and lynched. The rest were beaten near a school beside the market.

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