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Scientists have painstakingly worked to date the fossilised remains, which were found to be nearly 5,000 years old Reuters

A really good mummy: Archaeologists unearth 4,800 year old fossil cuddling her child

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A FOSSILISED mother watches over her tiny baby in the same position they perished in nearly 5,000 year ago, astonishing new images reveal, The Sun reports.  Scientists in Taiwan discovered the incredible find in 2014, and have just released the results of their painstaking work to the public.

The mother and baby are believed to have lived on the east Asian island around 4,800 years ago – making them the first recorded humans in Taiwan. They were among 48 sets of remains found in graves near Taichung. But the image of the 5ft 2ins mum staring down on her tiny tot in their final moments reduced even the scientists to shock.

Cu Whei-lee, anthropology curator at the Taiwan National Museum of Natural Science, said: “When it was unearthed, all of the archaeologists and staff members were shocked. “Why? Because the mother was looking down at the baby in her hands.”  Using sophisticated carbon dating techniques, experts were able to pin down the date of the pair’s death – the Neolithic Age.

It means the bodies date to around 3,000BC, around the same time that Somerset’s Stonehenge was constructed. Archaeologists also discovered the fossilised remains of five children among the extensive dig in central Taiwan.

The new find is far from being the oldest human remains discovered. Last year scientists in Tanzania announced they had dated the jaw bone of a homo – the direct descendants of modern humans – at 2.8 million years old.

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