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An exhibit from the ongoing exhibition Land of Tranquil.

Abstract expressionism to soothe the mind at this Delhi exhibition

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A blend of pattern designs, geometric and lyrical abstractions soothe the eyes as one looks at the artworks displayed at the ongoing exhibition titled Land of Tranquil, according to The Hindustan Times.

Delhi-based artist Meher Juneja uses abstract expressionism, and inspiration from her own life and journey, to create these canvases. “According to me art is that emotion that is expressed visually [and is] the only commodity that is primarily appreciated for its power and strength to connect to someone visually and in the most captivating way,” says Juneja.

She has been passionate about art since childhood, and growing up has kept the passion alive. What she’s now attempting to master is tremendous detailing and depth that add a phenomenal exquisiteness to her works.

The canvases use prismatic colours, black and white to show various stages of life. And, it’s through her creativity that Juneja unites the diverse techniques, viewpoints, experiences and the dynamism of youth and the wisdom of older generation.

Key emotions such as love, appreciation, kindness, gratitude, compassion are sometimes coloured by self-limiting beliefs like fear of rejection, insecurities, controlling, need to win the rat race etc. My artworks urge one to look beyond, and let go of these fears,” says Juneja.

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