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Adventures in fake tanning

Victoria DiPlacido

I’ve never really minded being pale. I always apply sunscreen thoroughly, and when the weather doesn’t cooperate on my days off work, I’m never disappointed – I am a beauty editor, after all. It’s not that I am opposed to looking like I spent the summer on the Amalfi Coast, I’d just rather embrace my natural shade than burn, which is what happens when I attempt to achieve a colour that could be described as “golden” over a weekend.

The last time I used an at-home tanning lotion was in 2005, and my attention was divided between the instructions on the side of the bottle and an episode of The O.C. (Things didn’t end well on either account.) I mostly gave up on them after that. Sometimes I’ll use Jergens Natural Glow ($8.49), which I consider to be more of a moisturizer than a true tanning lotion – the colour is deposited gradually, so I can slather it on with minimal technique and never see streaks (my number one concern). When the opportunity to try a Vita Liberata Organic Spray Tan came up, I was enthused. I would neither burn nor have to worry that the back of my body would be lighter than the front. My tan would be where it belonged – in the hands of someone other than me.

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