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AlphaBay and Hansa dark web markets shut down

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Two of the largest dark web marketplaces have been shut down following an international law enforcement investigation, BBC reports.

The AlphaBay and Hansa sites had been associated with the trade in illicit items such as drugs, weapons, malware and stolen data. Police in the US and Europe collaborated on the operation.

According to Europol, there were more than 250,000 listings for illegal drugs and toxic chemicals on AlphaBay. AlphaBay has been offline since early July, fuelling suspicions among users that a law enforcement crackdown had taken place.

“We know of several Americans who were killed by drugs on AlphaBay,” said US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “One victim was just 18 years old when in February she overdosed on a powerful synthetic opioid which she had bought on AlphaBay.”

Investigations were led by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Dutch National Police.

An alleged administrator of AlphaBay, 26-year-old Canadian Alexandre Cazes, was arrested in Thailand on 5 July following a joint operation between US, Canadian and Thai authorities.

Police also seized millions of dollars in assets, three properties and four Lamborghini cars. But Cazes was later found dead in a Bangkok jail cell, according to press reports.

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