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After his immensely popular debut song Eye to Eye, Pakistani singer-songwriter Taher Shah released his second single on Friday. (Youtube grab)

Another convoluted, wacky gem from Taher Shah’s magic box

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Taher Shah is one of a kind. He has no parallel, and shouldn’t have one — for he already is a lot more than we can handle.

Those of you who do not know him already, he is as multi-talented as one can be. He sings, writes, conceptualises and features in his own songs, and has a penchant for the bizarre and the weird. Until now, we had only one sample of his genius: Eye to Eye — a song that broke the internet and became so popular that even Ranveer Singh could not ignore it.

We thought nothing in the universe could even remotely match this iconic song, until of course the enigmatic Shah released his second single on Friday.

Titled Angel, his latest will undoubtedly baffle you. For as long as it lasts, you are torn between a strong urge to laugh, weep and squirm. And Shah offers you several reasons in each frame and word to feel all of it and much more.

Angel is an onslaught on your senses and your brain. Shah does not demand a reaction from you, he commands it. I find myself hugely incapable of commenting on the lyrics (I wish words could describe them), meaning (if any at all), sense (there is none, I am positive) and costumes. No one but Shah (I hope) knows why he does what he does.

He took to white suits in Eye to Eye and destroyed them completely for human use. Fortunately, he has learnt his lesson since then and makes no such mistake this time, for what he wears this time is plain unwearable. He, however, succeeds brilliantly in scarring your dewy image of angels from childhood stories, plays and movies. That is, if you are able to associate a man with long hair wearing shiny flowing gowns and a tiara, and carrying a magic wand in his hand, to an angel. Willing suspension of disbelief, they say.

But that’s what Shah is known for. He shocks you. Makes you want to tear your hair out, claw at your eyes, and shut out the world for a very, very long time. To put it plainly, it is unwatchable but that is exactly why you should go for it. And for all Taher Shah fans, he does not disappoint.

He is at his bizarre best until he ups the bar again with his next, according to The Hindustan Times.

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