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SKUON, CAMBODIA - JUNE 07: A tarantula emerges from a hole shortly after it was dug from the ground on June 7, 2010 in Skuon, Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia. The trade for spiders and other insects as food and for medicinal purposes has been in effect since the 1970's in Cambodia but only very recently have tourists been finding a way to see where the spiders are hunted in the nearby countryside. One guide, who can be found in Kampong Cham Town has started offering tours to tourists who can find him. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

ARACHNOPHOBES BEWARE! Take a look around the town which is so infested with spiders that the locals have started eating them

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IF you’re scared of spiders, then this is the one place you’d do well to avoid, The Sun reports.  The town of Skuon, in Cambodia, is a nightmare for anyone who is not keen on the eight-legged critters. Known as Spider Town, the settlement is crawling with huge arachnids, which drop onto people’s heads from above and scurry all over every surface in town.

In fact, Skuon is so infested that locals have taken to eating the eight-legged residents scuttling all over their town. The crispy crawlies are deep fried and served with a pinch of herbs on a bed of noodles or rice. And the crunchy critters are said to taste like a cross between chicken and cod, although they are a far less appealing prospect to look at.

Whilst the hairy legs are good to eat, customers are warned not to bite into the abdomen, which is brimming with innards and the spider’s bodily fluids. One particularly unappetising take on the dish has even seen locals use the spiders to brew wine. The stomach-churning practice may seem outlandish to us, but locals in the town have been chowing down on the creepy crawlies since the 1970s.

The town had always been swamped with spiders, but it took a devastating famine for the residents to start looking at them as a potential food source. As Pol Pot’s communist government wreaked havoc on the South East Asian country, people were forced to flee the cities and take up farming in the countryside.Since nobody knew how to farm, the country’s poorest residents begun to starve – and the residents of Skuon had no choice but to eat the spiders infesting their homes.

Today, the critters are considered to be a delicacy, and tourists have been known to flock to the region to try some fried tarantula and get a taste of rural Cambodia.Unfortunately for us, however, you don’t need to travel halfway around the world to have a close encounter with an eight-legged monster.

A terrifying spider which can leap distances more than 40 times its own body length has been spotted in the UK. And, just when you thought things couldn’t possibly get any worse, a deadly breed of spider which gives bite victims painful erections may have made it to British shores as well.

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