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Australian firefighters rescue kitten trapped in car dashboard

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Firefighters in Australia spent hours working to rescue a kitten that was trapped inside a car dashboard,UPI reports. Melbourne Fire Brigade Chief Greg Leach shared photos of firefighters dismantling the vehicle’s dashboard to rescue the stranded kitten.

“Sunshine FS A Platoon had someone drop in after a kitten got stuck in the dashboard of his car!” Leach said. It took fire crews about three hours to rescue the kitten as nearby Mercedes Benz were called to the scene to perform the “delicate” deconstruction of the dashboard.

“The little guy got himself stuck and we needed to take apart the entire dashboard to free him,”Sunshine Officer Joff Van Ek. The kitten was eventually returned to its owner and was “totally fine” despite getting itself stuck in the incredibly bizarre spot.

“We have plenty of cases where animals and pets have managed to get lodged in an engine bay or stuck under the car but this little guy really managed to get himself in strife,” Van Ek said.

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