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Samra Kesinovic, 17 (left), and Sabina Selimovic, 15, fled home to join ISIS

Austrian girl who joined ISIS in Syria was used as a ‘sexual present for new fighters’ before being beaten to death

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NEW details have emerged to suggest that an Austrian teen who fled Europe to join ISIS was used as a sex slave for new fighters, before she was beaten to death when she tried to escape, The Sun reports.  A Tunisian former jihadist who managed to escape from the sick terror group has revealed fresh information about Samra Kesinovic and Sabina Selimovic, ISIS poster girls who ran away to join the Islamist group.

Samra, 17 and Sabina, 15, disappeared from their homes in 2014, leaving a note for their families which read: “Don’t look for us. We will serve Allah and we will die for him.” The girls, who are of Bosnian heritage, travelled to Syria via Turkey after allegedly being brainwashed by Bosnian Islamist preacher Ebu Tejma in Vienna. When they joined up with the terror group, the teenagers were forced to marry ISIS fighters and were snapped in burqas carrying Kalashnikovs as part of ISIS propaganda drive to recruit more young girls.

But now a Tunisian woman who was kept in a house with 17-year-old Samra revealed they were forced to provide sexual acts for jihadis. She said they had lived together in the house and were regarded as a “sexual present for new fighters”. She said Samra had tried to flee several times and after the last attempt she had been beaten with a hammer so severely that she died from her injuries.

When the girls fled to join ISIS last year 15-year-old Sabina allegedly tweeted: “Here I can really be free. I can practice my religion. I couldn’t do that in Vienna.” But Sabina was reported dead soon afterwards after being killed during fighting in the jihadi stronghold of Al-Raqqah. Shortly after, Samra penned a letter to her family saying she was so sickened by ISIS brutality she wanted to leave, but wasn’t able to.  Now Austrian media sources say Samra was killed when she tried to leave Al-Raqqah when she was beaten to death by ISIS thugs.

The Austrian government has yet to confirm the reports and foreign ministry spokesman Thomas Schnoll said: “We cannot comment on individual cases.”  There are thought to be around 190 Austrians in Syria who left Europe to join the evil terror group. Several young British girls have also joined ISIS, including Bethnal Green schoolgirls Kadiza Sultana, Shamima Begum and Amira Abase.

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