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Baba Bhanderi Shrine’s replica revealed

  S A Medu

Architectural replica of proposed renovated design of the Universal Sufi Saint Hajrath Gausul Azam Syed Gulamur Rahman BABA BHANDERI (Q.)’s was unveiled at Maizbhander Dorbar Sharif, Chittagong on April 8, 2017.

In the context of Maizbhanderi Sufi order, after Gausul Azam Hajrath Syed Ahmed Ullah Maizbhandari (Q.), In charge of the Hajrath Gausul Azam Tariqa , Syed Gulamur Rahman Maizbhandari (Q.), is a globally famous Sufi Saint, better known as Baba Bhandari – Qadas-Allahu Sirhul Aziz (Q.).

He was born in Maizbhandar village on 10 January 1865, corresponding to 27th Ashwin of 1270 Bengali Calendar year. Due to his virtuous behavior, he was looked upon as a future saint of Maizbhandari Sufism since childhood. After Hajrath Qibla Qaba (Q.), he played a role as the chief patron of entire Maizbhandari Tariqa.

BABA BHANDERI (Q.)  got the complexion and appearance of Holy Prophet Hajrat Yusuf (Joseph) (Peace be upon him). He was highly particular with religious activities, including prayers, fasting and reading the Quran and Hadith. His first Quranic lessons was given by his uncle and spiritual guide (Shaykh) – Syed Ahmed Ullah Maizbhandari Q.), also known as Hajrat Qibla Qaba. Then he started his basic education in a local religious school (Madrasa) and later continued his higher studies at Chittagong Government Madrasha (A religious college) in Chittagong.  Since his early childhood, he always preferred to be present in front of Hajrat Qibla Qaba (Q.). It is doubtlessly true that, though Hajrat Qibla Qaba founded the Maizbhanderi Sufi Order but because of Gausul Azam Baba Bhanderi’s widely influential vital Sufi role, the Maizbhanderi Tariqa reached at it’s highest popularity in the region.

The replica unveiling occasion was attended among others by: Syed Shahdat Uddin Maizbhaneri, Syed Shahid Uddin Maizbhaneri, Syed Habibul Bashar Maizbhaneri, Syed Nazibul Bashar Maizbhaneri MP., Syed Nizam Uddin Maizbhanderi, Syed Shaifuddin Ahmed Maizbhaneri, Syed Misqatun Nur Maizbhanderi, Syed Mahtabul Bashar Maizbhanderi, Syed Nazim Uddin Maizbhanderi, Syed Miftahun Nur Maizbhanderi, Syed Fahim Maizbhanderi, Syed Nayem Uddin Maizbhanderi and Syed Nafisur Rahman Maizbhanderi .

The writer is Sufi Syed Zafar Sadek Shah’s Khalifa

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