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Bangladeshi workers in queue at Shahjalal International Airport before they leave for Malaysia

Bangladesh remittance stands at $ 89,691.13 m in 7yrs

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Of all the credits the present government earned in terms of fetching foreign currencies from different heads, remittance income stands out as one of the top scorers over the period between 2009 and 2015, agencies report. .

As many as 33,67,523 Bangladeshi workers went abroad since 2009 sent as high as 89,691.13 million US dollar as remittance, thus contributing considerably into the national economy to lead Bangladesh towards becoming a middle-income country before 2021.

“The total number of Bangladeshi workers going abroad this year will be over five lakhs till December 31,” Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Minister Nurul Islam, BSc told BSS here today.

He said efforts are underway to expand the existing labour markets for the Bangladeshi workers and also new labour markets around the globe as the government has set up technical training centres at the district level to produce skilled and semi-skilled workers.

Referring to the Awami League government’s relentless efforts and realistic plans, the minister said the government is sending workers to Malaysia at a per-head cost of Taka only 30,000 under a Government to Government agreement.

The minister said the government led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina quite successfully pursued its labour diplomacy, sending Bangladeshi workers to 160 countries and earned 89,691.13 million US Dollars as remittance from 2009 to October 2015.  “We have reduced the migration cost and provided necessary training to send the skilled manpower abroad that has gradually enhanced our remittance income,” he said.

Ministry sources said the government declared the overseas employment sector as the “thrust sector” with maximum stress upon further expanding job markets for the Bangladeshi job seekers  abroad.  They said the government introduced online registration system to help facilitate sending workers abroad and the government will have to look for new labour markets to ensure more work opportunities for the job seekers.

The government has already undertaken a plan to construct vocational training centres at every upazila across the country  with a view to sending trained Bangladeshi workers abroad.
Meanwhile, 1.15 lakh workers got training in 2014 through six institutes of marine technology and 47 vocational training centres across the country. The present government is sending Bangladeshi job seekers to a total of 160 countries up from only 97 countries during the past four-party alliance government.

Considering vocational training an important component of the workers, the ministry source said the construction of 17 vocational training centres are about to be complete shortly. A total of 1,50,000 workers would be trained annually in different trades through all the training centres including the 17 new ones.  Beside, the government sent 64 Technical Interns (TI) to Japan under the Technical Intern Training Programme (TITP) in 2015 and they would get jobs there after their training.

Of late, Bangladesh Bank Governor Dr Atiur Rahman said that the inflow of remittance is expected to cross the $16 billion mark in the fiscal year 2015-16.  “Our latest remittance enhancing initiatives will further encourage the Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) to remit more  using formal remittance delivery routes,” the governor said.

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