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The couple murdered in their own home described as "simple, gentle souls".

Bangladeshi couple found dead inside San Jose home

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Police are investigating after a Bangladeshi couple was found dead on April 24, 2016 inside their home at San Jose of California in the United States. The deceased, Golam Rabbi and his wife Shamima Rabbi, were found dead by their friends who came to check up on them, reports ABC7 News, adding that Golam was an engineer and Shamima an accountant.

A group of friends on Sunday entered their home through an unlocked sliding glass door after they didn’t hear from the couple for days. They found a gruesome scene as their bodies were found lying on the hardwood floor with a message written in ink that read “Sorry, my first kill was clumsy”, reports ABC7 News quoting friends.

The Rabbi’s were humble polite and peaceful people. They left Bangladesh decades ago, and have been living a nice life in the US since then, their friends also said. Fortunately, the couple’s sons aged 17 and 21 were not at home during the murders, they added.

“It’s so difficult to reconcile to the tragic, violent end to such simple, gentle souls,” said Hasan Rahim, a member of Evergreen Islamic Center, a mosque in the neighbourhood. The Rabbi’s were devoted members of the mosque and lived close to it. Evergreen Islamic Center members are trying to make sense of it all.

“We are surprised that they are no longer with us and especially going away in such a manner is something we just can’t come to grips with,”  said Faisal Yazadi, another member of the mosque. According to police, the couple was shot at least once, however there is no information on a suspect or motive at this time.

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