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Don’t be fooled by the distraction scam says Barclays

‘BE FRAUD SMART’ The cash machine scam that YOU could fall for: Watch how gangs use distraction tricks to steal your money… so you don’t get conned

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BRITS are being warned to “be fraud smart” as a new wave of cash machine scams are sweeping the nation, The Sun reports. Barclays has released a video in a bid to raise awareness of the types of cash crimes and help you know what you need to look out for when you withdraw cash at an ATM.

The clip shows a man at a cash point while a woman stands behind him watching him enter his private PIN number. She then drops some money and the man turns around to help her – causing him to be distracted. Then, her partner in crime, who is seen standing next to him pretending to be on the cash machine, swaps the card with a fake one.

The unwitting victim then takes his cash and fake card and leaves.

The recommended advice from Barclays include:

  • Don’t let anyone distract you when you’re at a cash machine
  • Cover your PIN when you pay in shops or go to a cash machine
  • Ignore people who speak to you when you’re at a cash machine – even if they appear to be helpful
  • Don’t use a cash machine if it, or anyone around it, looks suspicious
  • Call your bank straightaway if you think your card, PIN or other security details have been compromised

According to Financial Fraud Action UK, fraud at ATMs rose to £32.7 million in the last year. Director of Financial Fraud Action UK Katy Worobec said: “Criminals are increasingly using scams to trick people into disclosing their personal details or parting with their money.

“Raising public awareness is key to beating the fraudsters. This year we will be launching a major multisector campaign, helping people to avoid becoming a victim of frauds and scams.”

The three ways fraudsters target cash machines

Entrapment devices:
Inserted into a cash machine’s card slot, these devices retain the card inside the machine. The criminal then tricks the victim into re-entering their PIN while the criminal watches. After the cardholder gives up and leaves, the criminal removes the device with the card and subsequently withdraws cash.

Skimming devices:
Attached to the cash machine to record the details from the magnetic stripe of a card while a miniature camera captures the PIN being entered. A fake magnetic stripe card is then produced and used with the genuine PIN to withdraw cash at machines overseas, which have yet to be upgraded to Chip & PIN.

Shoulder surfing:
Criminals watch the cardholder entering their PIN, then steal the card using distraction techniques or pick pocketing.

Source: Financial Fraud Action UK

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