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Beach visitors rescue shark dumped by fishing boat

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A group of beach-goers came to the rescue of a shark that was dumped on a Philippines beach by the occupants of a fishing boat, UPI reports.

Nigg Arguila said he and his family were preparing to swim on a beach in Dumaguete City on Christmas Eve when they spotted the nearby fishing boat toss the exhausted thresher shark into the water.

The shark, which still had a metal hook attached, was too tired to avoid being trapped in the shallow waters, Arguila said.

”It was still alive, but obviously exhausted. People kept saying to wait for the police but in this situation, every second counts. I immediately jumped in and attempted to remove the hook,” he said.

A video recorded by a witness shows Arguila and helpers removing the metal hook and helping the shark reach deeper waters.

”Thankfully, someone handed me over pliers and made it easier for me to remove the hook. Thanks to the brave lady who helped me,” Arguila said.


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