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The koala seemed 'with it' despite his ordeal. Pic: News Corp Australia

Bear Grilles: Koala Survives Being Hit By Car

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A lucky koala has been dubbed “Bear Grylls” after managing to survive being hit by a car travelling at more than 60mp, Sky News reports. .

The animal was struck on a motorway in Australia on Tuesday by Loren Davis, who unsurprisingly thought she had killed the marsupial.

She told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation she was travelling on an unlit road in the Adelaide Hills area of South Australia state and only saw the koala when it was too late.

Ms Davis said: “I didn’t see the koala until my headlights found it but I couldn’t change lanes because another car was there (on the inside lane). “I slammed my brakes on but another car was behind me, so there was no choice but to hit the koala.”

  When she arrived home 10 minutes later to check the damage, she got an almighty surprise.”I drove home, feeling upset that I’d killed a koala.”Once I got home and pulled into the garage I turned on the light to see the damage.

“I turned around, saw a koala and just screamed.”  Fearing the animal was dead, Ms Davis rushed inside to get her fiance and his son. They pointed out the koala was actually still alive, and Ms Davis said he seemed quite “with it” and growled every time they moved closer.

They got the animal out by pushing a blanket underneath his arm, which he then used to pull himself free. Ms Davis added: “We backed my car out and closed the garage door to let him rest in there.  “We didn’t want him to wander off until we’d seen he was okay.

“We’re calling him Bear Grylls (after the British survivalist).” The koala was later taken to the vet for an x-ray, where it was found he had suffered only abrasions.

It expected to be released into the wild again soon.

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