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The remarkable encounter was captured by a wildlife photographer; the little black bird pecks the massive eagle on the neck mid-flight; The little drongo saw a courageous opportunity and was seen launching itself towards the crested serpent eagle ; The bird showed great agility as he was seen swooping on the eagle's back and The eagle flew off with the little bird on its back

BIRD WITH BRAINS Amazing moment bird hitches a ride on the back of EAGLE

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THESE spectacular photos capture the incredible moment a daring little bird caught a ride on the back of a huge eagle this week, The Sun reports.

The tiny black drongo lands on the five-foot-wingspan eagle and appears to peck it on the back of the head in the stunning snaps.

The drongo then flew low and perched on the bird of prey.  And the eagle eventually made off. The snapper said: “When the eagle was about to eat a snake, he did not expect the small bird to pounce.

“The small bird drove at the eagle and attacked. “This species often shows aggressive behaviour to larger birds.

They only grow up to 28cm in length but they are nicknamed the “king crow”, because of their tendency to be aggressive towards larger birds.

Crested serpent eagles are typically found in forests in Asia and eat snakes. The animals are stocky, dark brown eagles with rounded wings and short tails.

They have yellow facial skin and feet and speckled undersides. Known for their loud screech, the crested serpent eagles hunt reptiles in forests and wetlands.

They mate in late winter and eggs are laid in late summer.

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