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BNP behind killings, kidnaps: Hasan Mahmud
BNP behind killings, kidnaps: Hasan Mahmud

BNP behind killings, kidnaps: Hasan Mahmud

The BNP is behind the recent spike in abductions and killings in Bangladesh, an Awami League leader has claimed.

“Khaleda Zia is a terror leader. The members of her party are the ones responsible for these incidents,” said Publication Secretary Hasan Mahmud on Thursday.

The BNP chief, following the discovery of the dead bodies of six abductees at Narayanganj on Wednesday, said the Awami League’s affiliates were responsible for the murders.

“Chhatra League, Juba League are behind these abductions and murders. Every businessman and worker in the country is tired of their criminal activities,” she said.

Hasan Mahmud shot back saying it was the BNP’s founder Ziaur Rahman who first started the culture of killing by murdering Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and then four national leaders in jail.

“The Awami League lost 21,000 of its leaders and workers to covert killings during the BNP 2001-2006 regime. Altogether 8,433 were killed by 2008.”

“Even the members of her party (BNP) were not spared,” said the Awami League leader.

Awami League-endorsed Narayanganj City Councillor Nazrul Islam is among those whose dead bodies were found floating in the Shitalakhya River.

Siddhirganj Awami League Vice-President Nur Hossain and General Secretary Haji Md Yasin have been accused in the case filed over the councillor’s murder.

Senior lawyer Chandan Kumar Sarkar was among those abducted and killed.

“Awami League wants the killers to be punished. It does not matter what their political loyalties are. The government is firm on this issue.”

Narayanganj Mayor Selina Hayat Ivy has demanded strict measures against ‘godfathers’ of the city notorious for covert murders.

“She points her finger at one particular person after every incident,” said Mahmud, a former minister.

“It’s important to find out if she does it only to hurt her political rival.”

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