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BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, party chairperson's adviser Shamsuzzaman Dudu and its international affairs secretary Asaduzzaman Ripon.

BNP to change movement strategy with focus on public issues

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As the party thinks its demoralised leaders and activists have got rejuvenated with its 6th national council, BNP is now going to form 25 sub-committees on different ministries to help it wage movements on various issues relating to public interests aiming to stage a political comeback with a positive image.

The party senior leaders said their party could not use many public issues like corruption, sensational killings, hike of utility services, scams in financial sectors and attacks on bloggers, women and minorities to create a strong anti-government sentiment and thus persuade people to take to the streets for lack of coordination, strategy, suggestions and experts’ opinions.

Those talked to UNB are BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, party chairperson’s adviser Shamsuzzaman Dudu and its international affairs secretary Asaduzzaman Ripon.

To overcome the problem, they said, they are now going to form the sub-committees on different sectors with pro-BNP professionals, experts and party leaders having expertise on the sectors so that the sub-committees after any incident in any sector can provide expert opinions and work out strategy to capitalise it to make public opinion through effective action programmes and carrying out campaigns in media and social media networks.

“It’s fact that our party couldn’t do anything visible for protecting public interests by strongly raising voice and announcing action programmes against government’s misdeeds, failures and anti-people decisions rather than waging a movement only for restoration of caretaker government and a fair national election. Our party leadership now started realising that we must sensitise people first about their rights by waging movements on public issues,” a BNP standing committee member told UNB wishing anonymity.

Mirza Fakhrul said the sub-committees will be formed as think tanks of the party on different sectors, including finance, health, education, foreign, climate change, environment, power and energy, and women and children and ethnic minority affairs.

“The sub-committees will work on their respective sectors by carrying out research, surveys and arranging meetings and seminars on different issues. They will also provide the party with expert opinions, work out party’s line of actions and strategies to implement those.”

Asked what they mainly achieved from their council, Fakhrul said, “We’ve  attained many things from it, including successful and peaceful holding of the programmes after three years as our leaders and activists who had been demoralised facing repressive acts and false cases have got revitalised and giving them necessary directions to strengthen the party.”

He said their chairperson is now working on forming the party’s new standing committees and executive committees to strengthen the party’s organisational capacity under an able leadership.

“The ruling party has been carrying out repressive acts to eliminate BNP for the last seven years. Our leaders and activists who had got frustrated facing cases, attacks and repressions have again invigorated through our council,” said BNP vice chairman Abdullah Al Noman.

He said their party will now take programmes to keep up the current spirit of the party men by engaging them in different political programmes.  BNP chairperson’s adviser Shamsuzzaman Dudu said their party will make a turnaround under its new committee with a positive politics.

Once the committee is formed, he said, they will take action programmes on public issues and drum up public support. “Our party is going to form sub-committees to help the party work on public issues.”

He also said after any incident in any sector, the respective sub-committee will give the party necessary outlines, information, statistics and strategy to work on it and draw public attention.

BNP international affairs secretary Asaduzzaman Ripon said their chairperson will form the new committees with tested, dedicated and competent leaders to bring dynamism in the party activities and its action programmes.

On completion of party reorganising process, he said they will take peaceful programmes on various issues relating to public interests, UNB reports.

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