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In a ground-breaking operation, doctors created Joanna her own functioning vagina Joanna Giannouli / BBC

Born without a womb, cervix and vagina: Woman reveals what it’s like to live with rare condition

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A WOMAN who was born without a womb, cervix and upper vagina has spoken out about her ordeal, BBC reports. Joanna Giannouli, 27, suffers with Rokitansky syndrome, which affects the ovaries and external genitalia.

In an intimate interview with the BBC, Joanna revealed that she found initially found it difficult to talk about her condition. Doctors had to operate on Joanna, who had no vaginal tunnel, in order for her to be able to have sex.

Heartbreakingly, she was even abandoned by her ex-partner when she opened up about the syndrome. She remembered: “I was engaged when I was 21, living in Athens. “When I told my fiancé about the condition, he broke off the engagement.”

Even after surgery which helped to expand her vagina, Joanna was ridiculed by her partners. She explained: “I was OK physically, but I was not OK emotionally… “I had partners who emotionally abused me about this condition.

“I couldn’t have a stable relationship for many years.” Joanna battled with depression and anxiety while trying to come to terms with her isolating condition that made her feel “not worthy of being loved”.

Thankfully, years later, Joanna has been in a supportive and stable relationship for six years. Even though it’s impossible or Joanna to have children, her partner is determined to stick by her.  Ten years after being diagnosed with the condition, Joanna has finally been able to come to terms with her condition.

She hopes that one day she’ll be able to be a mum, whether that is biologically, using a surrogate or fostering a child. Inspirational Joanna hopes that talking about her condition will encourage others to seek help.

She said: “I found the strength and courage because I want to help other people in the same position because if we don’t help each other then who will?”

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