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Up to two feet of snow may pile up in Boston by Tuesday morning, and the city has already seen record-setting snowfall in recent weeks.

Boston is “running out of space” for more snow

Another weekend, another snow storm headed to the New England area.  While this latest batch is not expected to pack the powerful winds and threat of coastal flooding brought by the last two storms, it will bring a slow and steady course of accumulation across the Northeast for the next couple of days. That means Boston could have another 18 inches to two feet of snow to deal with by Tuesday morning, reports CBS News.

Boston officials say it’s not just the new snow raising concerns, it’s that it comes on top of the huge accumulation still here after two previous storms. Nearly five feet have fallen in just over two weeks, and plows have already removed enough of it to fill 90 football stadiums.  For plows, it’s become a race against the elements, struggling to keep up with the new mess while trying to clear out the old. “Quite honestly we’re running out of space where to put all the snow that we have in the city of Boston,” Mayor Marty Walsh said.

This is the third winter storm to batter New England since the end of January, creating record snowfall and dangerous slick conditions. New Hampshire highways were a slippery mess on Sunday, forcing a school bus off the road. Fortunately, there were no children inside. “This is what it’s like living in Boston right now. It’s a snow globe,” Stephanie Goodell said. Massachusetts officials are urging people to stay home again as more than 350 plows try to control the massive drifts spilling into the streets, burying cars and making it impossible to park. Snow melters, machines that can turn 400 tons of powder to water in an hour, are being used to help get rid of the buildup.

Boston contractor Tim Ebrecht said it’s unusual for Boston to have to break out the snow melters like this. “Last year we had a good winter but it was two or three inches at a time, so we could keep up with it,” he said. The city has already spent its $18 million dollar snow removal budget, but Mayor Walsh said he’ll do whatever is necessary to keep Bosto nians safe. “Our main priority right now is making sure our streets are clear for the residents our city. The budget stuff, I’ll figure that out,” Walsh said.

Boston Public Schools closed again Monday and won’t be open on Tuesday either. Monday’s Boston Herald headline read “Schools’ Snow Crisis” as eight days have been cancelled — the highest amount in 20 years. School officials could be considering extending classes into summer vacation.

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