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Charlotte lives a luxury lifestyle despite facing eviction

Britain’s Spending Secrets benefits mum splashes £5k on luxury lifestyle

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Despite being £500 in arrears, she has extravagant taste and has splashed the cash on luxury goods for her flat including a £2,000 all singing, all dancing fridge freezer.  The wannabe WAG from Milton Keynes features in the new BBC documentary Britain’s Spending Secrets which airs tonight.

In a trailer for the show, presenter Anne Robinson looks unimpressed as Charlotte tells her: “Just because I’m on benefits, why shouldn’t I have the nicer things in life?  “It has shot me into financial difficulty obviously but at the same time I now own what I dreamed of owning, which is a luxury fridge freezer.”

Charlotte got into debt after buying the fridge freezer and other goods – including a television, washing machine and cooker – on hire purchase, but with crazy interest rates of up to 90 per cent.  Blaming celebrity culture for her extravagance Charlotte said: “It made me feel awesome when my friends came – they’d call me posh, which made me feel a bit like a footballer’s wife.”

She admits she was forced to part with everything except the fridge freezer after being chased by bailiffs, although a housing association grant enabled her to replace the basic items.  “It was a bit gutting. I had everything I’d ever dreamed of and to have to give it back is swallowing a bit of pride.”

Despite her benefits budget, Charlotte refuses to compromise on her policy of not buying supermarket own-brands: “I don’t like value products as such, they have to be a brand, I only use Andrex. Value toilet paper is like straw on your bum,Sunday Express reports.

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