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A second clip, featuring an English-speaking jihadist, has also been released

‘Brussels was just a warning’: ISIS thug shoots ‘spy’ in grim execution video celebrating bombings

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ISIS have released a sick video of an alleged spy being executed to celebrate last week’s bombings in Brussels, The Sun reports.  The horrific footage shows Belgian terrorist Abu Hanifa al-Baljiki, also known as Hicham Chaib, shoot the man in the back of the head after gloating about the attacks that killed 31.

It comes amid reports ISIS have been driven from the ancient city of Palmyra by the Syrian military. In the original video, which is nine minutes long, news reports of the Brussels attacks are shown as jihadists make further threats against Europe.

Speaking in French, Flemish and Arabic, one declares the recent massacre was “just a warning” while another says the fighting will be brought to “homes, streets, schools, hospitals, public buildings and monuments”. As vile ISIS propaganda is shown on the screen, Hicham Chaib — an organiser of radical group Sharia4Belgium — blasts Europeans and the West for bombing Syria and vows: “We will kill your people.”

He also declares the Brussels was “only a taste” of what is to come. At the end of the clip he shoots an alleged spy, wearing an orange jumpsuit, in the back of the head in footage that is too horrific to publish.  After he is shot twice at point-blank range the prisoner is shown slumped on the floor with blood on his head and face.

Another clip, this time featuring an English-speaking jihadist, has also been released by ISIS.  In it a terrorist named Abou Umar Al-Muhajir says he is “very happy” about the recent attacks in Brussels and last November’s Paris massacre, adding: “Allah will put them [the suicide bombers] in the highest place in Jannah (paradise).”

He also makes threats of further attacks, adding: “I want you to know, you kuffar (non-believers), that we have soldiers everywhere.  “As long as you continue to drop your bombs, we will continue to slaughter you on your streets. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

“You don’t have a cure for the Islamic State. Each and every day we are expanding.”  The grim videos come as Syria claimed government forces had regained “complete control” over the ancient city of Palmyra.  According to state TV reports, forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad recaptured the city — seized by ISIS last May — with the help of militia allies.

In a major symbolic victory against the terror group, the General Command of the Syrian army said it could confirm “security and stability” had been returned to Palmyra with the help of Russian and Syrian air forces.  It claimed it showed the “army and its friends” were the only combatants capable of fighting terrorism.

Rami Abdurrahman, the director of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the bodies of more than 400 ISIS fighters were left behind in what he described as the biggest defeat for the death cult since it declared its caliphate in 2014.  ISIS had destroyed several ancient antiques and sites in the city, including a 2,000-year-old temple.

Antiquities chief Maamoun Abdulkarim told Reuters: “Palmyra has been liberated. This is the end of the destruction in Palmyra.  “How many times did we cry for Palmyra? How many times did we feel despair? But we did not lose hope.”

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