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Businesses will cave to hagglers 9 times out of 10, research shows

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PHONE providers and insurers are among firms that offer discounts to hagglers nearly nine times out of ten, research shows, according to The Sun.  AA Breakdown, Sky and RAC head the ten businesses which will cave in and offer a deal more often than not.

For AA and Sky, 88 per cent of customers have had some form of discount, while three in five have had major reductions, the poll of 4,000 found. Steve Nowottny of MoneySavingExpert — which carried out the survey — said: “The art of haggling can be practised from the comfort of your armchair, but it can save you £100s a year.  “Many providers operate in mature markets, meaning there’s hot competition for customers and they are often willing to cut a deal if it means you’ll stay.

“Sometimes there’s a perception that haggling ‘isn’t British’. But asking for a discount isn’t rude, it’s playing the game.” One AA customer haggled their renewal price down from £346 to £230 in a five-minute phone conversation.

Steve added: “Do your research, call up and remember a little charm can go a long way. The results of this poll show the odds are in your favour.”

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