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US ‘at risk of mega-drought future’

The American Southwest and Central Plains could be on course for super-droughts the like of which they have not witnessed in over a 1,000 years, according to BBC.  Places like California are already facing very dry conditions, but these are ...

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Migrants die of cold off Italy

At least 27 migrants have died of hypothermia after being picked up near the island of Lampedusa, the Italian coast guard has said, reports BBC.  They were part of a group of 105 people found on board an inflatable boat ...

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Unique sojourn for winter birds at Haor

A record number of winter birds flocked Tanguar Haor this winter in one decade as the winged visitors found the overall environment quality at the water body better enjoyable, reports agency.  A new survey conducted by IUCN Bangladesh has counted ...

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Volcano evacuations in Guatemala

Scores of residents have been evacuated from their homes in southern Guatemala after the Fuego volcano erupted, the country’s president says, BBC reports. Clouds of black ash belched into the sky, while showers of rock and dust fell on to ...

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