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Woman in UK dies after all teeth removed

WT24 Desk A disabled woman died here in the UK after having all her teeth removed by a dentist at an NHS trust criticised for its “drastic” full extractions from other vulnerable patients, IANS reports. Rachel Johnston underwent the operation ...

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How brain waves enable creative thinking

WT24 Desk Creativity often means taking the road less traveled. New research identifies the neural mechanism that enables us to come up with unexpected associations and original ideas, according to MNT.Scientists’ attempts at deciphering the neurological processes that explain creativity ...

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These tiny sensors may detect cancer early

WT24 Desk New research uses nanosensors to detect protein-to-protein interactions that may signal cancer. The findings may prove especially useful for identifying lymphocytic leukemia much earlier on, according to MNT. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death both in ...

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Is it possible to reverse ‘chemo brain?’

WT24 Desk Chemotherapy can affect a person’s brain for years after coming to an end. How does it actually change the brain, and is there anything that scientists can do to reverse these effects? Many people who undergo chemotherapy will notice cognitive impairment ...

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What too much sleep can do to your health

WT24 Desk New research finds that both insufficient and excessive sleep may raise the risk of cardiovascular problems and premature death, according to MNT. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that a third of the United States population does ...

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OCD: Brain mechanism explains symptoms

WT24 Desk A large review of existing neuroscientific studies unravels the brain circuits and mechanisms that underpin obsessive-compulsive disorder, according to MNT. The researchers hope that the new findings will make existing therapies more effective, “or guide new treatments.” Obsessive-compulsive ...

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