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Why antibiotics fail in the fight against bacteria

WT24 Desk Bacteria that are immune to the action of antibiotics have become a primary concern for medical research communities across the world. A new study investigates what makes these “superbugs” resilient in the face of some of the most potent drugs, according to MNT. Only recently, on Medical News Today, we presented a study highlighting the ever-growing crisis of superbugs spreading at ...

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Diabetes could contribute to infertility, warn experts

Diabetes in women is associated with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and other autoimmune diseases that can lead to infertility WT24 Desk Diabetes, commonly described as a lifestyle disease, can contribute to infertility in both women and men, warn health experts, according to IANS. “Diabetes can cause infertility in both men and women. Both sexes are at equal risk of infertility,” S.K. Wangnoo, endocrinologist at Indraprastha ...

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Exercise boosts well-being by improving gut health

WT24 Desk Both bacterial diversity in the gut and regular exercise are important when it comes to health. But how are the two related? A new study uncovers the effect that exercise has on our health by adjusting the balance of the gut microbiome, according to MNT. Though this may seem strange, human bodies are actually made, according to recent estimates, ...

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Inflammation in midlife hastens cognitive decline

WT24 Desk As we age, we may experience a decline in our mental ability. A recent study has concluded that chronic inflammation in midlife might speed up this decline as we get older, according to MNT. The average age of the population of the United States is gradually increasing, so conditions of old age are moving into the spotlight. Growing ...

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How sleep can boost your body’s immune response

WT24 Desk Researchers have demonstrated the importance of good-quality sleep time and time again, showing that a solid night’s rest can contribute to many aspects of physical and mental well-being. One new study has explained how sleep contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system, according to MNT. Getting enough good-quality sleep each night is essential if we want ...

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