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Obesity threatens life expectancy in Europe

WT24 Desk Life expectancy in Europe continues to increase but obesity and the growing proportion of people who are overweight risks reversing this trend, the World Health Organisation warned Wednesday, AFP reports. In its European Health Report, covering 53 countries ...

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Brain study shows why mindfulness eases pain

WT24 Desk Mindfulness has been shown to reduce pain. A recent study has explored the neurological underpinnings of this phenomenon, and the findings may help researchers devise more effective pain reduction strategies, according to MNT.   Mindfulness can be an ...

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New multiple sclerosis culprit identified

WT24 Desk It is still unclear what causes multiple sclerosis, but new research closes in on the faulty immune system mechanisms involved in the development of this condition, MNT reports. Multiple sclerosis (MS), which is an autoimmune disease, causes the immune ...

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Are dementia symptoms worse in winter?

WT24 Desk A new study concludes that the changing of the seasons has a significant impact on cognition in older adults. According to the findings, winter may cause a measurable drop in mental ability, according to MNT. The four seasons ...

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