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The pros and cons of e-cigarettes revealed

WT24 Desk The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have published one of the largest reports to have ever investigated the effects of electronic cigarettes. We summarize its findings below,according to MNT reports. The report — which can be ...

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What is a spigelian hernia?

WT24 Desk A spigelian hernia is a hernia through the spigelian fascia or layer of tissue that separates two groups of abdominal muscles. The muscles are called the rectus muscles and the lateral obliques, MNT reports. This type of hernia ...

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All you need to know about uremia

WT24 Desk Uremia is a dangerous medical condition that causes urea to accumulate in the blood. Urea is the waste that the kidneys usually help to filter away, MNT reports. Uremia is a symptom of kidney failure. When the kidneys ...

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