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6 ways to keep your tatas healthy

Did you know that you can keep breast cancer at bay if you followed these 6 simple rules? #1 Maintain a healthy weight Heavier women have an increased risk of developing breast cancer than slimmer women. To add to that, ...

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A hug a day keeps the doctor away

New research reveals that frequent hugging can protect us from colds and other stress-induced illnesses During my final semester of undergrad, I made two signs that read, “Feeling stressed about exams? Have a free hug!” Then I recruited a friend ...

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Hailey Baldwin: Good Jeans

The ballerina-turned-model sees her future on the silver screen. “This is the age of the social media model,” declares Hailey Baldwin, snuggled into a chair at the Mercer hotel in New York, sipping chamomile tea with honey, reports W Magazine. ...

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