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The Future of News

Rich Jaroslovsky We know, based on previous Future of News conversations, that the future of journalism is very much digital, that the industry is changing, practically on a daily basis. That it’s a demanding and challenging calling. But we also ...

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When Addiction Has a White Face

EKOW N. YANKAH WHEN crack hit America in the mid-1980s, for African-Americans, to borrow from Ta-Nehisi Coates, civilization fell. Crack embodied instant and fatal addiction; we saw endless images of thin, ravaged bodies, always black, as though from a famined ...

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This is no way to strengthen democracy

Mahfuz Anam Yesterday, seven honourable members of parliament demanded my trial for “treason” for publishing reports that they claimed to have led to Sheikh Hasina’s internment. We fundamentally reject this link as it is not based on facts. Below, we ...

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The elite vs the dispossessed

Aakar Patel Ten years ago, in 2006, Lata Mangeshkar announced she would leave India if a flyover was built in front of her mansion on Mumbai’s Peddar Road. She said first that it would affect her voice, and later that ...

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Europe’s Huddled Masses

Roger Cohen WASHINGTON — From London to Athens, Europe is questioned. Some people, mainly refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, are dying to get into the European Union. Many British conservatives are fighting to get out of it. Others, including ...

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