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World Refugee Day: What you should know

WT24 Desk We are in the midst of the WORLD’S WORST refugee crisis in history. A crisis that brings with it overwhelming numbers, huge challenges for countries and communities affected, untold misery — and hope. More than 65 MILLION people ...

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What Sessions didn’t tell the Senate

Tim Weiner We stand confronted – as former Senator Bob Dole said after seeing ex-Presidents Ford, Carter, and Nixon standing together at the funeral of the Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat – with Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, and Evil. ...

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Trump’s silver lining in Iraq

Peter Van Buren Will the defeat of Islamic State in Iraq be a foreign policy victory for Donald Trump? With the fall of Mosul imminent, what happens next? There will be winners, like the Kurds. There will be losers, like ...

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