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Geordie Shore's Charlotte has sorted out her diet and cut her dress size down to an eight

Charlotte Crosby: I passed wind, wet the bed and had lesbian sex on TV… but my only regret is being so fat

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FOR someone whose daily workout was lifting burgers, booze – or both – to her lips, reality TV favourite Charlotte Crosby has become Britain’s most unlikely fitness guru, according to The Sun.

First, the 25-year-old star of Geordie Shore and Celebrity Big Brother gave herself a lifestyle overhaul, losing more than 2½st and transforming her body from a size 16 to a shapely size eight.

 Then in 2014 she shared the secrets of her success in a fitness DVD, 3 Minute Belly Blitz, which became the fastest-selling disc in 15 years, shifting twice as many copies as Disney’s Frozen and becoming the first fitness DVD to top a mainstream chart.

It was an achievement to be proud of, even if it did come after endless escapades on TV many others in her place would probably prefer to forget about. Those antics included having lesbian sex, passing wind, wetting the bed, fighting and drinking herself into oblivion.

Yet the feisty CBB 2013 winner, who first found fame in MTV’s controversial Geordie Shore in 2011, says: “My biggest regret is being fat. I look back at pictures and think, ‘I was young and on TV but I was so fat’.

“I didn’t take any pride in my appearance and I feel sad that I didn’t care about myself at all. I’d wear no make-up, awful clothes, eat McDonald’s every day, drink tons of alcohol and let my body down.

“As a person you have to care about yourself and love yourself and who you are. For a while I didn’t, and I don’t know why I let myself get like that.”

After totally reinventing herself, Charlotte says: “I never, ever expected the DVD to do so well. It was amazing for me. Apparently I’m now a fitness guru! I never thought I’d have that title — you should have seen how bad I was when I first started exercising.

“I really enjoy the title but it’s also a job now, so I have to work hard and take it seriously. “I do feel amazing now I’ve come out the other side. I’d never in a million years go back to being that person again — I never could.”

Last year Charlotte launched her second DVD, 3 Minute Bum Blitz, which topped the chart all over again. Now she is aiming to conquer the publishing chart with her first recipe book, Live Fast Lose Weight, which is out this week — and she has invited The Sun to have an exclusive first look.

She says: “I’ve done my DVDs but I still have everyone asking me, ‘What do you eat? What diet are you on?’ “A lot of people out there don’t want to exercise — they just want to eat well, which is fair enough.

“I’ve done the exercise route but if you want to follow my food plans or just do the diet route, then I’m giving an insight into that too.”

Live Fast Lose Weight is a simple, honest book of healthy recipes alongside Charlotte’s top tips and mottos for life, including: “A hangover is no excuse not to exercise,” and “If my mates can do it, I can do it too.”

Charlotte says her big secret to keeping slim is not having a total ban on her favourite foods. She says: “I can’t say no to cheese, it’s my one food vice. The book talks about how you don’t have to be overly strict. My main motto is if I want a piece of cheese, I have a f***ing piece of cheese.

“What’s it going to do? I’m not going to die or wake up a stone heavier. “I just have to make sure that I eat healthily for the rest of the day and work out. “The main thing is you make the decision in your mind not to carry on eating badly.

“Just because you’ve had one bad snack or meal doesn’t mean you should give up and eat crap for the rest of the day. That’s my main secret. “I could never give up alcohol — and I never would. But I’ve still lost two and a half stone.”

Charlotte admits that taking regular selfies of her progress has helped her to stay motivated. Social media has been a big part of her rise to fame, and she is now one of the UK’s most followed women on Snapchat.

She says: “I’m totally addicted. I love everything about social media and I had every account before I was even in Geordie Shore. I get negative comments all the time but I just ignore them.

“I only reply to the positive. There isn’t any part of me that people haven’t seen on TV already, so I might as well share the rest of my life online.” Last year Charlotte caused a stir by uploading a naked image to Instagram with only a heart-shaped emoticon covering her modesty.

She says: “I’m one of the most followed British women on social media but I don’t think it comes with responsibility. I’m not a policewoman. “When I posted the naked photo with the heart I got satisfaction out of it.

“I like the photo so I thought I should share it with the world. If you like something you ought to just show it. Why not?”

Charlotte most recently hit the headlines when her drunken antics on Geordie Shore led to a lesbian sex session with fellow cast member Chloe Ferry on TV.  She says: “I wasn’t worried about it going out on TV but I thought there would be some negative comments.

“I was shocked that it actually got quite a positive reception. Everyone thought it was so hilarious. It’s not made me want to jump back into bed with Chloe and do it again, though. “I’m over it — I don’t dwell on the past. Once something is done, it’s done.”

For months fans have been following her on-off relationship with Geordie Shore friend Gary Beadle, and Charlotte recently said a romp with him was the best sex she has ever had.

Even so, she adds: “I’m single at the moment. I’m definitely not in a relationship — I’m feeling very average about that, I don’t have eyes on anyone. “I obviously have a soft spot for Gary but we don’t get to see each other enough because of work so I can’t really pursue it.”

Despite her single status, Charlotte has her future well planned out. She reveals: “I want to be engaged at 27, married at 28, then have a child at 30. I really want to have a family in the future.”

Despite having had a nose job and regular lip fillers, she has no plans for any further surgery — although she is keen to stress she never rules out anything in life. She says: “I’ve always been open about my lips and nose job. I don’t understand why some celebs don’t own up to it.

“I don’t feel the need to lie about anything, as I don’t think I’ve done anything bad. “Most people love my new nose and comment #NoseGoals on my pictures, but some people give me stick and say I’ve only had it done because I’m obsessed with work.

“I don’t plan on any more surgery. I don’t think there is anything else to have done.” So with clothes and swimwear ranges, two DVDs and now a book, what are her plans for the future?

Charlotte says: “I want to keep up my fitness by following my current routine of working out four or five times a week. “I want to see Geordie Shore out ’til the end, as I have so much fun on the show, but my ultimate dream would be to do more TV and have a regular spot on a panel show.”

l Live Fast Lose Weight (Headline, £14.99) is published on Thursday.

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