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China to release environmental forecasts on three Nansha reefs from Jan 1

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BEIJING – The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) announced Saturday that forecasts on the marine environment of three reefs in the Nansha Islands will be released from Sunday,BSS reports.

Forecasts for waves, tides, ocean temperatures, winds and tropical cyclones, as well as warnings of marine disasters will be posted daily on nh.hyyb.org.

The SOA has carried out five projects on the Yongshu, Meiji and Zhubi reefs, including marine observation centers and marine research facilities, in order to meet growing demands for services regarding marine environmental protection in the South China Sea, including research and navigation safety.

Marine meteorological monitoring, hydrological observation and routine marine environmental monitoring on the reefs will start on the first day of 2017, the SOA said.  Tsunami and seismic observation, along with special marine environmental monitoring activities, is expected to follow.

The SOA’s development of a marine observation and early warning network and its monitoring activities will significantly improve marine environmental protection, island surveillance and monitoring, oceanographic survey and research, as well as disaster prevention and mitigation, an SOA official said.

The development of marine observation and forecasting on Nansha reefs is of much value in the peaceful exploitation and use of marine resources in the South China Sea, and for China’s fulfillment of international responsibilities and obligations of environmental protection in the region, the official said. The move will also boost the social and economic development of China and countries around, the official added.

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