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Choosing the right face wash according to skin type

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The type of face wash you use must match the type of skin you have. Dr Jamuna Pai explains how to choose the right face wash, according to UNB.

Before you buy a face wash that looks inviting and sounds promising, make sure that it is right for your skin type. The needs of oily skin are different from those of dry skin, and a face wash suitable for one will not work well for the other.

For an oily face

If your face is oily or if you have breakouts, look for an oil-free face wash. Some face washes also have acne-fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid.

For dry skin

If you have dry skin, look for moisturizing ingredients such as aloe, glycerine, and Vitamin E.

For sensitive skin

Those with sensitive skin should try face washes that are alcohol-free and fragrance-free because they are less likely to irritate delicate skin.


Regardless of your skin type, your skin should feel clean, not sticky, after you use a face wash.

Also, do not rub too hard, or you may end up with rashes and even broken capillary veins.

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