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Climate change scientists keep changing their predictions — and here’s why

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In preparation for Earth Day, “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” brought on scientist Dr. William M. Briggs from The Stream to talk climate change hysteria, The Blaze reports.

Briggs explained why the scientific community keeps changing their predictions to pretend they haven’t been wrong. In the 1960s, scientists predicted overpopulation would cause too much use of fossil fuels, which would pollute the air. Science has predicted both global cooling that would cause another ice age and global warming that would burn up the Earth, but today’s rhetoric is all about “sustainability.”

As Briggs explained, scientists finally have it right by calling it “climate change” because the Earth’s temperature has always been fluctuating.

“The climate on the Earth has never been static, not ever. It has never stayed still,” Briggs said. “If you predict ‘climate change,’ you will always be right. You cannot go wrong. It’s infallible.”

Scientists have switched from preaching “global warming” to pushing “climate change” and the buzzword “sustainability” because vague terms are impossible to prove, Briggs said.

 “They can always point to something and say, ‘Why, that’s not sustainable’ and how do you prove them wrong? … They’re trying to move away from any contact with reality.”

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