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An HBH Woolacotts customer is having a pretty bad day. Screenshot: Storyful

Clumsy customer busts $6,000 worth of TVs at British store

WT24 Desk

ST. AUSTELL — A clumsy customer at British electronics store bungled his way into damaging $6,000 worth of TVs and the accident was caught on camera,UPI reports.

HBH Woolacotts posted a security camera video to YouTube showing the “customer fail” Sept. 26 at the chain’s St. Austell location. The video shows the customer crouch down to inspect a flatscreen TV and bump into the device, causing it to fall and knock a second television over like dominoes.

The customer jumps back, knocking over two more TVs behind him. The video ends with the customer and an employee surveying the damage with shock and awe. The store said the damage was estimated at more than $6,000. The chain did not say whether the customer was charged for the damage.

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