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The 'UFO fleet' was recorded twice over a motorway and tower blocks

‘CONCLUSIVE PROOF UFOs visited Earth’ after ‘alien fleet filmed’

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The footage, uploaded to YouTube by Ovnis Actuales, was posted yesterday but done not say when the recording was made,Express reports.

But it has already caused a flap among UFO believers, who are convinced it shows alien craft flying over our planet. The sighting mirrors a number of other similar ones recorded in the past year over Japan and the US.

Scott C Waring, of UFO Sightings Daily believes they were alien craft.A haunting video posted to YouTube shows up to seven twinkling bright orbs apparently moving in formation over a motorway.

Separate footage in the same video shows what appears to be the same objects moving over tower blocks. The footage was said to be filmed over Minsk, Belarus, between Poland and Russia.

He said: “We can see there are many glowing UFOs in the sky over the hill. “the most common UFO seen are glowing large orbs. “These light up and disappear almost in sync.

“It is awesome that the person stopped their car and got out to record this.”It is not recorded through glass, but just a normal view from the side of the road.”

One poster who saw the video on YouTube suggested there could be no other explanation for the footage other than aliens. Under the user name Rio Angel, they said: “Where are all the trolls with their stupid explanations? When they see film like this they hide under rocks shaking.”

Sceptics have said they have debunked similar sightings in the past as several Chinese lanterns being set off at the same time, flares, or even a parachute display, which involves the use of lights filmed from afar.

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