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Conservative MP Eve Adams

Conservative MP Eve Adams Crosses Floor To Trudeau Liberals

OTTAWA — Conservative MP Eve Adams has crossed the floor to join Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, HUFF POST reports. The MP for Mississauga — Brampton South plans to run under the Liberal banner in the 2015 federal election, somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area. Adams made the surprise announcement with Trudeau in Ottawa Monday morning, saying she “no longer feels at home in the Conservative party, politically or intellectually.” She said her former party has drifted from its progressive conservative roots and criticized its income-splitting plan as a tax break for the wealthy.

Adams also said she can no longer support “mean-spirited” leadership. Trudeau lauded Adams as someone who “demonstrated strength and ability” at a tremendous level in the Tory government. Adams is the fiancée of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former director of communications Dimitri Soudas. He was fired last March as the Conservative Party of Canada’s executive director for meddling in her Tory nomination battle.

Adams, who would have faced a tougher challenge from the Liberals in her own riding this fall, had attempted to run in the safer Tory seat of Oakville North—Burlington last year. But after a messy nomination race with a local chiropractor, Natalia Lishchyna, both women stepped aside before the Conservative party ruled whether any of them had broken any internal party rules. In a letter to her constituents last August, Adams said she was stepping down because of health concerns related to a fall she had suffered that February.

“I am withdrawing my candidacy from the nomination in our riding of Oakville North-Burlington due to my slow recovery from my concussion,” she told her constituents. She noted how she had “volunteered actively and exclusively” for the Conservative party since she was 14 years old. She also recounted how she had, in 2011, “defeated a Liberal MP [Navdeep Bains] who was touted by the Toronto Star as a future Prime Minister of Canada and considered a top Liberal organizer for Justin Trudeau.” Adams was until Monday serving as the parliamentary secretary to the health minister.

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