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Contour your face with threads

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With stress, pollution and sedentary living becoming an inevitable part of one’s lifestyle, skin ageing signs have begun showing up even before 30, agencies report.  Young men and women are sporting untimely lines and wrinkles. A new anti-ageing treatment using PDO (poly dioxanone) threads can give a taut and smooth look, says skincare professionals. When used skillfully, these barbed, absorbable suture with high tensile strength, can contour your chin and eyebrows and also get rid of fine facial lines.

Bye bye double chin, droopy lids  Dermatologist Dr Jaishreee Sharad says, “People in their 30s come in for thread lifts on the jawline and neck, to get rid of a double chin or droopy eyelids. Threads are inserted on the brow for the lids.” Although it sounds risky, the procedure is safe.

Shaping eye brows

Consultant dermatologist and aesthetic physician Dr Madhuri Agarwal says, “Threads are commonly used to lift brows.” Adds dermatologist Dr Apratim Goel, “Threads of different lengths are inserted into the sub dermis and left in place. In 150 days, these threads dissolve but the collagen tissues formed around them act as suspension threads and tighten skin.” This helps to give your eyebrows the right arch.

Contouring the face and body too

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr Soma Sarkar says, “Around 50 to 60 threads of different sizes can be used to contour the entire face. They can also be used in areas like the tummy, arms, thighs, buttocks and love handles.” Different types of specialised threads — barbed threads, gold threads, corkscrew threads and cog threads — give better results compared to plain floating mono filaments.


There is a slight chance of bruise and haematoma, especially for patients who are on blood thinners. It causes swelling that could last for one to two days.  Most results are delayed and may take two to six months to show.  People with very thick skin do not respond to PDO threads at all.

Is it popular?

Dr Goel says, “This procedure is not so popular, but some prefer it since it is minimally invasive, can be done on any part of the body, isn’t expensive and requires a single session of 20-30 minutes.”

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