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Holtzclaw has been sentenced to more than two centuries behind bars after raping women while on duty AP

Cop who raped 13 vulnerable women while on duty caged for 263 YEARS

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AN EVIL ex-cop who raped and sexually assaulted women while on duty has been caged for 263 YEARS, The Sun reports.  Predator Daniel Holtzclaw preyed on women who had been in trouble with the law – thinking no one would believe the victim’s word over his.

The deranged former Oklahoma City police officer would run background checks on his targets, and went after those who had outstanding warrants, previous arrests, or drug convictions. When the law finally closed-in on the 29-year-old he was charged with sexually assaulting and raping 13 women.

He was found guilty of 18 out of 36 charges – including four out of six rape charges.  Jannie Ligons, one of the rapist’s victims told the court in an impact statement: “I so desperately want my life back – the life I had before he took it away.”  Another victim Sherry Ellis told the court: “He deserves what he gets. There will never be a day where I don’t think of how I was violated.”

District Judge Timothy Henderson said Holtzclaw will serve the terms consecutively and sentenced him to 263 years behind bars.  Holtzclaw attacked the women in the belief that nobody would believe them because of their dubious pasts.  But when his trial came around more than a month ago 13 women took the stand.

They told jurors of assaults which ranged from being touched over their clothing to forced oral sex and rape.  One of his victims was just 17 at the time and was raped by Holtzclaw on her mother’s front porch.  The rapist had been in the job around three years before he was fired over the accusations in January 2015.

Holtzclaw waived his right to remain in custody in the county jail for 10 days, instead opting to be taken directly to prison.  He did not speak on his own behalf in court and his lawyers plan to appeal his sentence.

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