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The two women are taken to the front of the cabin Belfast Telegraph

Cops haul women off easyJet flight after ‘suicide bomber’ joke in mid-air

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A PAIR of ‘loud and abusive’ women were led off an easyJet flight by police after they made a ‘suicide bomber’ joke in mid-air, The Sun reports. The two were believed to be among a group of 14 people flying from Belfast to Barcelona on Wednesday morning to celebrate a 50th birthday.

Footage shows Spanish cops escorting them off the plane after it landed with an air stewardess pointing out the culprits. Passengers described how their behaviour had become loud and abusive during the flight which included swearing at cabin crew, playing music and allegedly joking about having a bomb.

One flyer, who did not wish to be named, told the Belfast Telegraph: “When the two got on you could tell they had been drinking. They were loud and they kept playing music during the fight.  “The stewardess asked one to put the speaker away and she wouldn’t.

“Then she did and brought it back out again. Then they started verbal abuse and saying: ‘We are all here for a f****** party’. “There was more insulting, more verbals and bad language which created a bad atmosphere.” Another member of the birthday group, who was sitting beside them, then moved away and the pair became more agitated when the stewardess refused them alcohol.

The passenger added: “They shouted at her and then the brunette was joking, when she was going to the toilet, and said: ‘I’m a suicide bomber, sure I am’. Which is a thing you don’t say on a plane, but she said it as a joke. “People knew she didn’t mean it, but you could see she was upsetting a lot of people. I was told when the Spanish police came on board there were a couple of children crying.

“One of the [birthday group] broke down crying and got very emotional and friends in their party tried to calm them down. I’m thinking, ‘this is 10.30am on a Wednesday.’”  An easyJet spokeswoman confirmed the flight was met by Spanish cops when it landed and that the airline did not tolerate “abusive or threatening behaviour”.

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