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Country receives $1.178bn in remittance till Feb end

The country received about US$1.178 billion in remittance in first 27 days of February this year, UNB reports.In January, the total remittance received by the country was $1.243 billion.Of the total remittance received in 27 days of the last month, non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) living in different countries sent $266.68 million in the first six days, $331.22 million on February 7-13, $291.67 million on February 14-20 and $289.05 million on February 21-27, according to available Bangladesh Bank data. 

During the period, the four state-owned commercial banks — Agrani, Janata, Rupali and Sonali — received $375.23 million from the expatriate Bangladeshis while four state-owned specialised banks $15.64 million. The maximum remittance came through the private commercial banks who brought $773.11 million while the nine foreign banks received only $14.65 million.


Among the private banks, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) led the foreign remittance inward flow with receiving the highest amount of $298.56 million, followed by National Bank Limited (NBL) with $60.29 million. However, the lowest remittance was received by the three NRB banks, which were set up by non-resident Bangladeshis with the main aim of remitting their earnings.


Of the three such banks, NRB Bank Ltd and NRB Global Bank Ltd failed to receive any remittance while only the NRB Commercial Bank Ltd got $0.77 million. The other private banks which brought substantial amount of remittance include Uttara Bank ($47.05 million); Pubali Bank ($38.93 million); Dutch-Bangla Bank ($37.58 million); Bank Asia ($37.40 million); Prime Bank ($28.24 million); BRAC Bank $25.07 million); AB Bank ($20.35 million); Dhaka Bank ($19.52 million); The City Bank ($19.37 million); Southeast Bank ($18.59 million); and NCC Bank ($14.41 million).

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