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Thief Kamayi Matumona dances after stealing a wallet

Dancing Thief Shimmies His Way To Jail

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Police have released CCTV footage of a thief doing a celebratory dance after finding a £50 note in a stolen wallet,Sky News reports.Kamayi Matumona, 31, was jailed for 22 weeks after admitting taking the wallet from a parked car in Edgbaston, Birmingham on 29 June.

Sergeant Alan Lawless said: “We couldn’t believe it when we saw the footage. “He was so happy at getting his hands on someone else’s cash that he did a little dance on the pavement.

“He may have felt like dancing at the time but he looked pretty miserable when we knocked at his door to arrest him. “Matumona has an extensive criminal record, especially for car crime. “And when the footage was circulated on police systems an offender manager immediately identified him.”

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