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David Cameron’s mum’s job axed after Tory council shuts children’s centre where she works

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DAVID Cameron’s mum’s job has been axed after a Tory council closed a children’s centre where she worked, The Sun reports. The PM’s mum Mary said she was “very sad” after West Berkshire Council confirmed it would shut the centre where she works as a volunteer. The pensioner and her sister Clare Currie had previously signed a petition protesting against plans to close 44 children’s centres in her son’s constituency of Witney.

 The former magistrate told the Mirror: “Yes I do volunteer there.”I am very sad that it is being closed down but if there’s not enough money to pay for it things have to go.“I enjoy it very much and have been going there for a year and drive families around occasionally.

“I’m don’t really know what can be done really as I’ve just heard about it. If it closes down then I shan’t be volunteering because there will be no one to volunteer for. “If it keeps going at all I will obviously go on helping if I can.” Asked if she has spoken to her son about the closures, she replied: “No, because I don’t interfere.”  The Chieveley centre, which is being closed as part of plans to save the local council £300k, provides free courses for children under five, including first aid training for babies and healthy eating advice.

Shadow Education Secretary Lucy Powell said: “Children’s centres have a fantastic track record of supporting parents and families in those important first few weeks and months as a family. “David Cameron has said time and again how important parenthood is to him personally and helping families yet his policy of closing down and starving children’s centres of funds flies in the face of those ambitions.”

A council spokesman said: “We will stop using four children’s centres, but our services will still be available in community locations. “This means services will be available in local communities and some families will have less distance to travel.

“However, for others the services may be at a different location, which may be less convenient for them.”

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