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Professor Dr Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and his wife Dr Yesmeen Huq. Photo taken from Facebook

Death threat to Zafar Iqbal, wife

Eminent writer and Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST) Professor Dr Muhammad Zafar Iqbal and his wife Dr Yesmeen Huq received death threats via two separate text messages from an unidentified person claiming to be affiliated with banned militant outfit Ansarullah Bangla Team, News Agencies report.

The couple received the threats while they were staying in Banani DOHS area of Dhaka around 12:15am on Thursday, according to a General Diary filed by Zafar Iqbal with Jalalabad Police Station.

They filed the General Diary with the police station yesterday, after their return to Sylhet Dr Zafar Iqbal told reporters.  Dr Yesmeen Huq first received the SMS on her mobile phone, which reads, “welcome to our new top list! your breath may stop at anytime. abt.”

Later, Dr Iqbal received another SMS on his cell phone around 2:30am from the same number saying, “hi unbeliever! we will strangulate you soon.”
Both the messages were sent from Airtel number-01629967551, according to the GD copy.

 Prof Anu Muhammad and eminent litterateur Moinul Ahsan Saber also received similar threats issued from the same mobile number.Jahangirnagar University’s Prof Anu Muhammad, who has been heading a campaign against the proposed Rampal power plant near the Sundarbans, received two death threats on his phone on Thursday October 13.

The professor wrote on his Facebook post that he received a short message around 8:43pm, which read, “Say ‘yes’ toRampal, otherwise you must will be hacked to death incredibly by us!”   Earlier, he received another short message around 1:00am, which read, “Death keeps no calendar, and Ansatullah knows no time!”

The number, from which he had received the threats, is the same as the one Professor Dr Zafar Iqbal mentioned in the GD, he said.  Following the incident, Anu filed a general diary with the station, mentioning the threats on the day.

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