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Delhi’s ‘Godmother’ of crime finally arrested at the age of 62

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New Delhi: The Delhi police on Friday arrested ‘Godmother’ of the city’s biggest crime family. Identified as 62-year-old Basiran, she was a resident of south Delhi’s Sangam Vihar area. Cases including murder, contract killing, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, bootlegging, and robbery were registered under her name in various police stations across Delhi, according to Mirror Now News.

Basiran allegedly ran her crime racket along with her eight sons which included one juvenile, for almost 20 years. From past eight months, police wanted her in a contract killing case. According to a report by the Hindustan Times, police officials mentioned that a total of 113 cases were registered against Basiran and her family members. However, in Sangam Vihar station alone, nine cases were lodged against Basiran and her sons.

Her two sons were already in jail in connection with a killing case of a 21-year-old boy in 2017 mentioned the police officer, who was a part of the team that arrested Basiran. The police officials also told the national daily that the Basiran and her gang had control over three government-owned borewells in Sangam Vihar. They used to illegally extract water from these wells and selling it to local residents.

Deputy commissioner of police (South) Romil Baaniya told the national daily, Basiran was evading arrest for the last eight months in Miraj’s murder case. In the same case, four others were also arrested including a woman named Munni Begum were arrested and her two sons who were the mastermind behind it despite being in jail.

In the last eight months, Basiran had been taking refuge in her relatives’ places in Ahmedabad, Delhi, Allahabad, Mainpuri and other places in Uttar Pradesh. Police said Basiran’s husband, Malkhan Singh, is the only male member in her family without a criminal record.

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