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Democratic rights in country at stake

EC fails to prove its neutrality

Bangladesh constitution grants immense power to the Election Commission and the credibility of the upcoming parliamentary election, no doubt, depends considerably on the action of EC.

But till now, it has been reluctant to even respond to the complaints raised by opposition parties and has denied them necessary space for campaigning and political activities.

Political and security experts on Saturday expressed their discontent with the Election Commission, saying that its performance so far was not satisfactory.

Thousands of cases continue to be lodged daily against activists and politicians belonging to opposition parties, rendering them unable to effectively prepare for the elections.

Meanwhile, law enforcers have ceaselessly harassed and detained members of opposition parties in large numbers, as reported in the media, without the EC blinking an eye.

Any acceptable election requires that all stakeholders be given a chance to voice their opinions and concerns, and not simply be dismissed ungraciously by the commission.

A free and fair election is the lifeblood of any democracy, and the people have already expressed their desire for a credible election. The EC should, therefore, exercise the immense power that it wields to ensure a level playing field for all.

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