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The country has been frozen by a bitterly cold snap this week Barcroft Media

Dig out your shorts — Britain set to bask in 14°C temperatures this weekend after Arctic freeze

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BRITAIN is set to bask in temperatures of up to 14°C following this week’s bitterly cold snap, The Sun reports.  Forecasters predict the balmy conditions will hit in time for the weekend – and it will not come soon enough for many after temperatures plummeted to -12°C.

The Met Office has predicted this year will be the warmest on record.  And its forecaster Emma Sillitoe said: “It is looking like it is going to be mild for the next few days after the cold snap we have had. Tonight might be a bit warmer than last night.  “We could see temperatures hovering around freezing in the North, and further south it will be about 1C or 2C.

“Friday will be a wet day though, with heavy rain coming in from the west.’ But she said it would become ‘bright and breezy’ across the country once the rain front had moved through.

“Into the weekend, Saturday is going to be the nicest day, with some nice periods of sunny spells.”  Warmer weather will be welcome news to Brits who have shivered as temperatures plummeted across the country this week.  One lucky OAP almost fell victim to the cold before she was saved by two hero cops.

The unnamed lady, in her 70s, was found by police collapsed in the street in sub zero temperatures.  She had boarded the wrong train after visiting family and ended up 60 miles from her Suffolk home in Hertford, Herts.  But officers Robin Juniper and Charlie Watling – who had just finished their night shift – came to the rescue after finding the woman lying in the road covered in frost after she had walked three miles from the town’s station.

The hero cops took the victim to Hertford police station where she recovered with a blanket and cup of tea.  PC Juniper said: “To be honest, for the first ten to 15 seconds, there wasn’t much reaction from her. She was bitterly, bitterly cold.  “She had been visiting family in Cambridgeshire, but had got confused on the train and got off at Hertford North.

“We don’t know what time she got off, because she was so cold and confused. She said she was trying to walk to Stevenage station.”  It comes as fire chiefs warned home owners to “do a Dick Van Dyke” and get their chimneys swept. The weather has seen a spike in fires caused by chimneys not being properly cleaned.

And a fire service spokesman said: “In this bitterly cold weather many people have coal and wood open fires in their living rooms and the chimneys must be kept clear of soot build-ups. “It’s a false economy to save money on chimney sweep bills – your house is at risk if the chimney catches fire and the flames spread to the roof.”

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